The Year of Living Languorously

Because June 1, 2005 is the first anniversary of, I think it appropriate for a paean on founder Christian M. Chensvold. I hope other contributors and forum members will also take advantage of the occasion, so that there will be a collective, mass paean to Christian. Here’s my tribute:

Cruel fortune ironically unfettered me, in my caducity, from any obligations and social constraints that would preclude or impede my practice of the art of being a dandy. So at an age when judgmental and moralistic curmudgeons should be clucking over my decline and fall as a cautionary lesson to those so shallow and jejune as to be seduced by the superficial and frivolous attractions of the dandy’s life, I still passionately wield the walking stick of the dandy. This passion may be attributable in part to my recent cessation, sua sponte, of certain prescription sedatives designed to becalm a chronic and perhaps congenital nervous condition. I do not boast of my extended blossoming with sanguine satisfaction or smugness. All dandies must end in ruin. It is in our genes. Even as I write this, agents of the local sheriff are attempting to serve me with writs to oust me from my ancestral home, Poynton House. Yet, as the Regency dandy Romeo Coates famously stated: “While I live, I crow.”

And surely, no one crows so loudly or persistently as Christian. With the appearance of one year ago, I found out that others have taken up the walking stick of dandyism. I salute Christian for his vision and dedication. has provided contemporary dandies with a refuge, a community, virtual yet real, to share, explore and nurture our dandyism. So on its first anniversary, to him and to my fellow contributors and forum members, I say: Thank you for many languid hours of pleasure, hours that would otherwise have been wasted on earning a living, learning a skill, or helping others – all most un-dandyish endeavors.

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