The Return of Aubrey Weirdsley

img_02741.jpgTo paraphrase Schopenhauer, dandies are like drops of mist forming a rainbow in the sunlight. When one drop of water disappears, another comes to take its place.

So while Sebastian Horsley has been denied entry into the U.S, blogger aubrey_weirdsley has returned to Dandyland after a year in digital exile.

“I’ve had nothing to say and no wish to share,” writes Weirdsley in his first post. “But people contact me now and again and say that I am missed, and although I don’t give a rusty-badger-crap about being known to the general public, it is nice that some of the few people that I care about care about me as well.”

Now writing under the nom de plume The Dandiest, Mr. Weirdsley (aka Doran Wittelsbach) is known for his impressive image collection, handlebar mustache that is all handles and no bar, and penchant for goth girls still shy of 21. He also shares the dual ignominy of being both a practicing Satanist and a former contributor.

Moreover, even the most claret-clouded reader can see by the photo above why dressing like Mr. Weirdsley gets you -5 points on the dandy quiz.

Weirdsley’s inaugural post also recounts a gesture sure to be lauded by fellow dandypunk Horsley (indeed the pair should found a Mutualp1010015000031.jpg Humiliation Society). It seems Mr. Weirdsley has recommitted himself to cause of dandyism by mortifying his flesh with the word “dandy.”

But since all great dandies go into exile, Mr. Weirdsley’s return makes him the leading candidate for 2008 Dandy of the Year.

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48 Responses to “The Return of Aubrey Weirdsley”

  1. Miguel Antonio Says:

    Manton and Will are both superior to this eccentric.

  2. the new edwardian Says:

    He should have had “Pimp” tattooed on his arm since I believe that is a better description of this young man…,or maybe “Clown.”

  3. Miguel Antonio Says:

    That’s very amusing.

  4. G~ Says:

    I have been trying to think of a good word to describe him. So far the only word I can find that seems appropriate is- YUCK!

  5. G~ Says:

    So I’m sitting here sipping claret, staring at this most recent piece of offal who calls himself a dandy, when it suddenly came to me what the real problem was. It is true that he wins the dubious honor of:
    How Dandy Are You?
    29) You would most like to have the wardrobe of:
    e) Doran Wittelsbach (-5)

    He is also guilt of one of the “sins’ in his own system of belief which states..

    The Nine Satanic Sins
    9. Lack of Aesthetics—This is the physical application of the Balance Factor. Aesthetics is important in Lesser Magic and should be cultivated. It is obvious that no one can collect any money off classical standards of beauty and form most of the time so they are discouraged in a consumer society, but an eye for beauty, for balance, is an essential Satanic tool and must be applied for greatest magical effectiveness. It’s not what’s supposed to be pleasing—it’s what is. Aesthetics is a personal thing, reflective of one’s own nature, but there are universally pleasing and harmonious configurations that should not be denied.

    Will any one question that there is NOTHING harmonious about his style? This boy needs to quit while he’s behind. Maybe he could disappear like Mr.”Can of Alpo”, and just not come back….thereby saving Mr. Chensvold the humiliation of naming him Dandy of the Year 2009.

    The world would be a better place for it :-]

  6. M Says:


    That seems needlessly nasty. Doran’s really a good fellow and a genuine eccentric who makes the world an incrementally more interesting place for his being in it.

    I’m looking forward to having drinks with him next week.


  7. Beau Brown Says:

    Yes, a “clown” indeed. As mentioned, nothing about his style is harmonious at all. His attempt of pulling of a quadruple (excluding the pants) lutz is pitiful, and I hope that someday he’ll learn that he can purchase detachable Pembrook collars newly-made, since his is clearly vintage.

    His color coordination also could use for some improvement, and by the looks of it, he’s wearing a women’s vest. So overall, this man is far from “dandy,” despite the fact that he was once a contributer to the site. As New Edwardian said, “clown” would better fit his tattoo.

  8. Miguel Antonio Says:

    M may be right. Doran might be a good man, even though a bad dresser.

  9. G~ Says:

    I meant no personal disrespect, after all I don’t know him. But I mean he’s kinda troddin’ on sacred ground here. To call himself a dandy, and then dress in the most garish of outfits, use terms like “rusty badger crap” and then get the word “dandy” tattooed on him arm [and in a design that looks like the icon from “Black Flag”-the punk band], that shows about as much class as a fart in church.

  10. the new edwardian Says:

    I concur with G in that he can be a nice guy till the cows come home, but he isn’t a dandy and with the terms he uses such as G points out, he makes of himself a vulgarian as well. That said, I suppose it is important to remember that he is a very young man and it is a rarity to find social grace, elegance, and refinement in most young men these days. It would be interesting to see this young man in say 10 years to see how he has evolved. For now however, he is little more than a “Club-Kid” with a dandy persona. Probably a lot of fun to party with, but I wouldn’t go shopping for clothes with him.

  11. the new edwardian Says:

    A bit off topic, but am I the only one who is pissed off that Sebastian Horsley has been denied entry into the U.S? WTF!!! Our government has no problem letting drug gangs come in through our southern boarders, but god forbid some decadent artist dare to bring his immoral ways into the US. Maybe should organize a petition? Didn’t Mick Jagger get arrest once or twice for drugs? Why does the US allow him into the country?!?! This really pisses me off and I don’t even like Sebastian Horsley all that much. It all seems rather authoritarian and hypocritical to me.

  12. Christian Says:

    I’m sure Doran would be flattered to learn he appears so young. I think he’s in his mid-thirties.

  13. Miguel Antonio Says:

    Doran is an interesting name too. Too bad he doesn’t dress the part.

  14. Miguel Antonio Says:

    A. H. Ward said:
    Allow me to be un-classy just long enough to point out that talking about one’s “classiness” isn’t very classy–or is it?
    Response: Correct, I have been thinking about the same thing.

    A. H. Ward said:
    I say this because despite all arguments to the contrary, Mr. Wittelsbach is clearly still a dandy.
    Response: Or he cold be a fake. Eccentricity does not equate originality.

    A. H. Ward said:
    As for the tattoo, it doesn’t seem to appear that anyone here gets the joke, which so far is on the New Edwardian, “G~” and Beau Brown.
    Response: I get the joke. It’s so bad it’s not worthy of a self-proclaimed “dandy”.

  15. the new edwardian Says:

    Cher A.H. Ward,

    Please feel free to place Doran in your “dandy continuum.” It is a free country and your opinion is as good as mine. I can not however place him in any other “continuum” than the “clown” and or “pimp continuum.” A dandy doesn’t provoke laughter by the way he dresses. Anyone who believes that dandyism is about outrageous flamboyancy and tacky garish clothing is way off the mark. I’m sure he is a nice bloke and he is amusing to look at, but a dandy should really never be a person of ridicule in his appearance.

    “A. H. Ward said:
    Allow me to be un-classy just long enough to point out that talking about one’s “classiness” isn’t very classy–or is it?
    Response: Correct, I have been thinking about the same thing.”

    My response is that would be incorrect. We wouldn’t be much of a website dedicated to dandyism if we didn’t debate the subject and what is or isn’t a dandy makes for an important component of that discussion.

  16. A. H. Ward Says:

    Dear New Edwardian,

    Whether he’s a dandy or not I leave for others to debate; I find him close enough to one, and leave it at that, although I find him interesting for other reasons as well. That being said, Mr. Wittelsbach’s dress provokes no laughter from me; rather, I find his sense of colour quite refreshing, and I covet his fleur-de-lys patterned “woman’s vest”. His sense of style is deeply individual, a quality I value highly, yet it is something he takes as lightly as he does seriously, as evidenced by his ironic “ghetto tattoo.”

    “…the exact limitations of one’s taste should be an intense pleasure…Most people are never sure what they like. Pleasure should be a deep, as well as a light thing.”–Stephen Tennant


  17. G~ Says:

    I could call myself a dancer. I could walk around in a leotards and, when ever the mood took me, jump around in some spastic manner and inform those who saw it that it was “my dance style”. I could then get a tatoo of a dance logo of my own construction created and show if off proudly as proof of my dedication to my art.

    For those who knew nothing about dancing, I might look like an eccentric at the outer edge of my discipline, but any one who studied dancing would look upon me a a fraud and charlatan. The is the reaction you are seeing in regards to Mr. Weirdsley from those who know what dandyism is. I’m sure he gets MUCH better reactions from those who know nothing about dandyism and only consider him an eccentric at the outer edge if its discipline.

    Allow me to be un-classy just long enough to point out that talking about one’s “classiness” isn’t very classy–or is it?
    If this were a website about fashion trends you would be absolutely correct and the terms used by myself and others would be the height of incivility. However, you are dealing with a site about dandyism which has a definite history and set of rules, and to break too many of those rules doesn’t make you and eccentric, it puts you outside of the pale.
    This is also a friendly on-line forum, if you cannot take everything said here as polite banter, and tongue-in-cheek, and let it roll off your back [as another poster was recently unable to do and got banned] then you are takin things in very much the wrong spirit.
    After all, style isn’t a matter of life and death: it’s much more important than that! ;-]

  18. Miguel Antonio Says:

    Mr. New Edwardian, I think you answered the wrong question. I agree that could debate the subject of what’s or isn’t a dandy (and stop being a dandy in the process). I was answering if it was classy or not to debate someone else’s classiness.

  19. the new edwardian Says:

    Still I can’t agree Mr. Antonio since class is one of the many small items which help to form a dandy. A person who may lack class and still calls themselves a dandy is worth pointing out as much as if he lacked aplomb, sophistication, refinement, taste, grooming, dress, elegance, dignity, reserve, deportment, style, or manners. In a debate regarding dandyism there is much to dissect and discuss.

  20. A. H. Ward Says:

    Dear G~,

    I infer by your dancer analogy that you find Mr. Wittelsbach a “bad” dandy; given the winner of 2007’s “Dandy of the Year” award, it is apparent that even’s perhaps overly pedantic definition of “dandy” is yet loose enough to also include a Doran Wittelsbach.

    As for debate over “classiness”, I concede that this is perhaps as good as any a place for it.

    Regarding your final remarks about being banned…I assure you I have taken no offense whatsoever at anything said in this thread, and hope I haven’t given that impression.


  21. Miguel Antonio Says:

    “But since all great dandies go into exile, Mr. Weirdsley’s return makes him the leading candidate for 2008 Dandy of the Year.”

    Maybe Mr. Chensvold won’t make a mistake this time, if Doran is elected.

  22. Christian Says:

    Nick, the padre begs your confession.

  23. the new edwardian Says:

    Well one thing is for certain, that if Doran is elected “Dandy of the Year” it will generate a great deal of debate although lets hope it doesn’t come that shall we.

  24. Nick Willard Says:

    Although I take malicious glee from seeing Chenners repeatedly bashed for it, I’ve never hidden the fact that I selected Lapo Elkann as the DOTY.

    I doubt that Doran will be selected DOTY, although one never knows, do one?

  25. G~ Says:

    Mr. Willard chose “Can of Alpo” for DOTY….well that explains it:

    Willard: Sprezzatura comes naturally at my age. I’m always forgetting things, especially when I’m getting dressed, and this forgetfulness provides my sprezzatura, and allows me to forget all about having to have sprezzatura. Often when I’m out I find I’ve left a shirt button undone, that my cuff link missed the last fold of the shirt cuff, leaving it flapping in the air, or that I left my fly open.

  26. G~ Says:

    Although I must confess I liked the idea of Chenners making that decision after a little too much Armagnac :-]

  27. Christian Says:

    More frightening is the fact that Willard made it sober.

  28. R. M. Wittingslow Says:

    Lapo was very obviously a Willard choice. The eclectic agglomeration of pattern and texture that Elkann employs would be, I suspect, all a bit busy for Christian.

  29. JermynSavile Says:

    Well, given that this a friendly on-line forum where everything is taken as polite banter and tongue-in-cheek, I’m letting it all roll off my back so as not to be banned and trying, ever so hard, not to take in very much the wrong spirit. Nevertheless, I just can’t avoid mentioning that the phrase “dandyism which has a definite history and set of rules” is complete rot. Now I don’t want to rake over old coals and I certainly don’t want to ruin my whole morning, which this kind of debate has a tendency to do, but…

    I’ll allow you that dandyism has the rudiments of a history – Moers, a couple of decent biographies, some essays (many collected on this site). Even so, it’s a history that, once one gets much beyond the 19th century becomes little more than a term lazy writers use to describe the kind of person who is noticed at social gatherings because they dress a little more formally, extravagantly or – dare I even say it? – anachronistically than anyone else.

    And while it must be enormously appealing to think that there are rules it just isn’t the case. Any classification that admits d’Orsay, Brummell, Baudelaire AND the Duke of Windsor is operating according to a taxonomy that is so compromised as to be pretty much worthless.

    It ALL comes down to personal taste, whether one likes it or not (surely the whole history of this site confirms it? Dandy of the Year?). To argue that one’s judgements are based on anything more than that seems positively deluded.

    As for Doran, In my, personal, opinion, he is great fun (and evidently ‘offal’ for others, though one does wonder, given the use of so offensive a phrase, what vocabulary is left to describe, say, a mass murderer?). Mattis has it right, he “makes the world an incrementally more interesting place for his being in it”. Whether anyone other than Doran thinks he is or he isn’t a dandy doesn’t matter a damn to me (or him, I should imagine).

    While I’m a person whose personal definition of ‘dandy’ means that I think the whole business peaked when Beerbohm walked the earth and hasn’t really meant a “rusty badger’s crap” since, I’m trying my hardest not to take it all so seriously. And if I can’t, then I notice that amongst the definitions of ‘dandy’ the OED comes up with are “A boatman of the Ganges” or “a type of litter, carried by two men” and I’ll stick to them in future.

  30. Steven Freestate, Esq Says:

    Vile collar. Ill fitting and washed with his undergarments, by the look of it.

  31. G~ Says:

    Well, I think some feathers are getting ruffled. When someone says they “doing their best to let it all roll off their back” [and you can almost hear their teeth gritting as they write it] and then proceed on a small tirade, obviously we we aren’t all on the same page here. Please allow me to apologize for my impolite language in regards Mr. Weirdsley, it was said in jest [hence the use of the obscure French word], and with the context of having my aristocratic whiskers ruffled at the appearance of yet another man who uses the term Dandy at his own whim. Also his use of the term “rusty badger crap” told me I wasn’t dealing with a man who only spoke in a “langue chatiée” so I didn’t expect to really offend anyone. I cannot claim that he is absolutely not a dandy, I can however say that the images presented of him make him look like a thrift store victim, he may have many charming and elegant outfits. Once again, please accept my apologies.
    And with that I will I will sink back into my warm cup of coffee and try to forget it’s Monday :-[

  32. Miguel Antonio Says:

    Dandy could be defined as dressing in the classical sense (don’t confuse with anachronistic), while at the same time being modern and even revolutionary. If you take the classical component out, you end up with Lapo (pretentious) or Doran (eccentric and anachronistic).

  33. M Says:

    Saville brings up some valid points. Not sure I agree that it’s all entirely personal when defining the dandy — there are obviously traditions upon which to draw — but never mind.

    I find the idea that Wittelsbach is somehow “treading on sacred ground” a little odd. Just what’s sacred about it? Have we really become so serious in our frivolity?

    What I really don’t understand is the immediate and knee-jerk nastiness of some of the reactions here — and I’m probably the most innately catty member of the club. A little ribbing may be in order but, as we used to say when we were kids, Jeeze!

    Dandy or no, Wittelsbach is being himself for the sake of being himself, and he has been doing it for a very long time. It’s not a persona he one day adopted to acquire noteriety. To be Doran Wittelsbach every day takes cajones and for that, at least, he should be appreciated.

  34. Laguna Beach Trad Says:

    It is amusing to me to read the ongoing “What is a dandy?” discussion. It never seems to end. Like a bunch of pimply-faced nerds discussing PoMo lit in grad school.

    Aubrey? A dandy imposter, like Horsley. I laughed out loud when I read that he is a “practicing Satanist.” Are we supposed to be impressed? Or scared? Satanism is so gauche these days. If Wittelsbach were a practicing member of, say, the NPD, BNP, or whatever…now THAT would be something to talk about.

  35. JermynSavile Says:

    “there are obviously traditions upon which to draw”

    Now that I can, with only very minor qualifications, agree with. It was the whole idea of rules that got me.

    But as for feathers? And ruffled feathers at that? Really? Note to G: there is a tradition that when one uses quotation marks one is generally quoting from something someone actually said. I didn’t say that I was doing their best to let it all roll off their back. The clue comes in the use of “their”. What I did say was all drawn from your own words and was intended to be gently mocking in tone. And, given that I’m meant to have feathers to ruffle, shouldn’t I have been writing with gritted beak, not teeth?

    All on the same page? Evidently some of us aren’t even reading the same book.

  36. JermynSavile Says:

    Could I just point out, for those that might doubt it, that the strange use of punctuation and the repetition at the end of my last comment was the result of not having verified my email address as I was told, cutting and pasting my original comments as advised without realising that they’d been corrupted in the process and generally making a pig’s ear of the whole business of leaving a comment, and NOT because I am in so in love with my words that I like to see them in print twice.

  37. Nick Willard Says:

    I’ve already edited your prior comment as best I could so readers might not understand your latest.There were strange webdings throughout; if I edited incorrectly, please let me know.

  38. JermynSavile Says:

    Nick, you are a gent. It’s probably improved by your intervention.

  39. G~ Says:

    I find the idea that Wittelsbach is somehow “treading on sacred ground” a little odd. Just what’s sacred about it? Have we really become so serious in our frivolity?

    Why of course…hence why we have of the Junta giving its imprimatur [but “only when we speak ex cathedra”, and reassuring us of our orthodoxy “‘‘Twas I who pontificated on the balance between light and dark, located here:

    To speak serious of the light, and light of the serious. I think that phrase says it all

  40. R. M. Wittingslow Says:

    “It never seems to end. Like a bunch of pimply-faced nerds discussing PoMo lit in grad school.”

    Everyone who is anyone knows that discussing postmodernism literature is very much an *undergraduate* thing to do. And yes, I’m saying that with an ironic sneer.

  41. J Noir Says:

    Denied entry into the U.S.? I am so embarrassed to be an american these days.
    Can it get any worse I ask?

  42. Miguel Antonio Says:

    “Can it get any worse I ask?”

    No. It can only get better, if you buy everything in Wall Street, you will be rich when the economy recovers.

  43. EE&L Says:

    I suspect that The Junta is more elegantly attired in the manner of either Mr. Dynend or Mr. Anton rather than in the costume of this man. As the experts in all that is dandy, well… .

  44. Mr Thompson Says:

    I like Doran’s collar. He needs to get it re-laundered and starched, as the vintage starch has started to turn yellow.

    That is all.

  45. Ryan Oakley Says:

    Having read all the comments, the reaction here seems defensive and stupid. Are people afraid that these guys will hijack the title dandy? That’s a pretty sad thing to be afraid of. Unless you’re getting paid, you shouldn’t call yourself anything or care what anyone wants to call themselves or you. That’s not a dandy principle, by the way, it’s just an opinion. Mine.

    And I’m not sure that there is such a thing as a pure dandy. This guy and Horsely are just goths. Goths are just dandy punks. Are these guys dandy goths? Sure. Why not? They’re better dressed than most of the goths I see.

    Hail Satan, etc.

  46. Mr. Richter Says:

    As someone that has worked with Doran for many years I must take umbrage with the comment
    “A dandy doesn’t provoke laughter by the way he dresses. Anyone who
    believes that dandyism is about outrageous flamboyancy and tacky garish clothing
    is way off the mark.”
    This most definitely is a poor characterization of Doran. Doran truly doesn’t give a good God damn if you find him amusing or silly and he certainly isn’t a Dandy that purposes to be tacky and flamboyant.
    Doran has an intense view of style that encompasses not only himself but his outlook on the world at large. Sure he can be a “sarcastic son of a bitch” but most certainly worthy of the DOTY 2008 title.

  47. Jew Bacchus Says:

    You throw the absolute best flame-wars here.

  48. S Says:

    I have to say, I was extremely disappointed to find that this wasn’t about Aubrey *Beardsley*.

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