Misquote of the Week

“Like the Duke of Windsor, late 20th-century punks and early 21st-century gentlemen are, in very different ways, inheritors of the tradition of Brummellian dandyism, the former through their political posturings and the latter through their sartorial sublimity. For, in spite of, or rather because of its exquisite propriety, Brummell’s self-presentation was, fundamentally, oppositional, an anti-fashion statement that mocked the sartorial superiority of the aristocracy and the sartorial mediocrity of the bourgeoisie. In essence, Brummell was a punk disguised as a gentleman.” — Andrew Bolton, curator of The Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in “Anglomania.”

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7 Responses to “Misquote of the Week”

  1. R. M. Wittingslow Says:

    I’m all for creative sophistry, but these claims are beyond tenuous.

  2. Sasha la pin-up Says:

    It’s a very interesting point of view…

  3. V. G. Davidzon Says:

    I am all for tentatively calling Punks proto- dandyish, but to do so because of their “political” viewpoints (which by the way range from white supremacy , fascism, anti- fascism, and nihilism to apathetic disengagement – that is have no coherence) is stupid. Is every other talented social climber an anarchist insurrectionist?
    I would say not.

  4. scott Says:

    So he’s what all those Bad Brains and Minor Threat songs were about.

  5. lady coveted Says:

    misread of the week: the DUDE of windsor….

  6. G~ Says:

    “In essence, Brummell was a punk disguised as a gentleman.”
    HAHAHAHA….That’s rare!

    I think Mr. Bolton needs to revisit the roots of the Punk movement, let alone the “dandy movement”. Rebellion was NOT the Beau’s goal, and to think so is quite philistine in its vision.

  7. Ligeia Says:

    Despite these outrageous claims, I have to say that this particular exhibit was marvellously curated and tremendously interesting.

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