Misquote of the Week

“What do Beau Brummell, Malcolm McLaren and Ralph Lauren have in common? They have all been obsessed, in one way or another, with the tug of war between self-conscious historicism and cutting-edge avant-gardism that has always defined British fashion. Using clothes as shorthand for social posturing, subcultures ranging from Regency fops to ’60s Mods and Thatcher punks have both asserted and subverted the traditions of polite English society.

“Of course, nowadays ‘‘punk’’ outfits are sold ready-made in every mall, and spat-wearing, umbrella-toting dandies are more likely to turn up in a Ralph Lauren window than in real life.” — Armand Limnader, T Magazine

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3 Responses to “Misquote of the Week”

  1. bmiller Says:

    Which do we object to? The claim that dandies wear spats? The claim that Ralph Lauren makes spats? Both? I’ll start listening to T Magazine when they get a whole word (or perhaps initials) for a name.

  2. M Says:

    *Which do we object to?*

    That Beau Brummell, Malcolm McLaren and Ralph Lauren really have anything in common other than the fact that people who should otherwise know better always seem to link them together.

  3. bmiller Says:

    Oh, that. I subconsciously disregard sentences that exceed my hyphen and “ism” tolerance. Also, I haven’t got a clue who Malcom McLaren is, and I think it hardly worth a google to find out.

    Appreciate the reply, though.

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