Velvet Revolver

Fashion cycles come and go, sometimes over centuries. Brioni has apparently raided the 1880s wardrobe of Oscar Wilde for inspiration. Its latest advertisement in Men’s Vogue features this Bunthornian velvet topcoat with shawl collar and embroidered button fastenings.

Of course, “Oscar Wilde Topcoat” is kind of a misnomer: “Bottomcoat” is more like it.



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20 Responses to “Velvet Revolver”

  1. Jeeves Says:

    My apologies, but if you’re grandmother could wear it passably as a housecoat without drawing remark from the other tenants of the old folks home, you are an aspiring douche not a dandy. Also, I humbly submit the combination of designer stubble with Late Victorian is unseemly. Some people have no idea. There is no shortage of stupidity.

  2. scott Says:

    I only wonder if I’ll laugh or simply turn away when i see one of these coats on a person

  3. G~ Says:

    You know, it’s definitely overdone, but if I were given a choice of what I had to see for evening wear; that, or what I normally see pass for evening wear, I’ll take the velvet. That having been said, I personally wouldn’t wear it.

    I guess what I’m saying is, better affectation than slovenliness, it’s the lesser of the two evils.

  4. Christian Says:

    Gregory “wouldn’t wear it,” but he’ll wear that thing in the “Life’s Not Fair” post below.

  5. G~ Says:

    well, as it says in the article- I was at a fair. Costume wear is a whole different story.
    And yes, I would wear the above outfit for a costume, I have worn worse

  6. ferrando Says:

    I saw that coat in the latest issue and thought: “I want that!” I’m a pushover for frogging.

  7. Sasha la pin-up Says:

    Whaou! I want my man wears that coat!

  8. Constantine Says:

    Wilde’s coat was much more inspired and flattering. He pulled it off a lot better than this guy.

  9. G_A Says:

    Bob: I’m a sucker for frogging too. I’ve also seen them referred to as Chinese buttons.

    That particular coat would look much better double-breasted and fastened (like Wilde’s).

  10. The New Edwardian Says:

    You and me both ferrando. I saw it in some mag or another and said, “how f’n cool,” but then I think after another look it was the satin which I didn’t like and I decided it was a bit too much for moi. Still, I love velvet….

  11. R. M. Wittingslow Says:

    Thirded, Robert and Sean. Robert got me hooked on frogging when I was in DC. Now I can’t get enough of the stuff.

  12. DeNirosGame Says:

    The coat is wonderful, but the stubble comment gets at the bigger issue. The model is not where near the type of man that can pull this off. Its just not a match. However, the coat is wonderful.

  13. aRTie Says:

    The man sports that thing as if it were a topcoat, and therein lies the problem. That pose has been used (and overused) by photographers trying to demonstrate what one wears to (and doffs at) a formal event. Hence the rugged look of the model and thus the reason why the whole picture is disorienting. Nothing about frogging should be ‘dynamic’, such a coat is meant to be worn indoors or in the garden.

  14. Miguel Antonio Says:

    It probably looks great when worn by a dandy, on an average man it could not work.

  15. A Rebours Says:

    I agree with aRTie; it is an indoor coat meant to be worn in the evening while you’re reading in front of the fire, or during a cozy dinner at home. I’d like one in green please.

  16. sarah Says:

    personally you make me exactly what the great Oscar Wilde was wearing in that picture and i’ll wear it everyday of the year. Dude i’d cut my hair like his and everything and just walk down the street just to see the reaction I could get out of people.

    That stupid picture with the dude wearing the modern….i don’t even know what you’d call that….well people just need to give it up. Either go in the knee breeches as well or just ditch the coat man. The knee breeches are what clearly make the outfit!!!!

  17. Joher Says:

    Love it. End of story.

  18. Charlus Says:

    Nice coat, but ditch the modern tuxedo underneath. The tuxedo he’s wearing is incredibly boring, and complete with an ugly bow tie.
    Anyway, I hate this ‘victorian flavour’ nonsense. go victorian all the way, or leave the frock at home and wear some boring tuxedo.

  19. WOAH Says:

    Not gonna lie, I definately love it.

  20. Krawaty Says:

    No doubt, i love it to.

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