Decline and Fall:’s Fifth Anniversary

swoon.jpgToday marks the five-year anniversary of

Usually our fiscal-year recap is penned by managing editor Nick Willard. He will not be addressing you this year because, like all great dandies, he has gone into exile. No one has heard from him for nearly nine months, and his phone just goes to voice mail.

We suspect he’s in debtor’s prison.

The timing could not be worse. At the same time Nick disappeared, I started up another web project, and have decided to focus my attentions there exclusively. A writer doesn’t spend his entire life on one book, nor a painter on one canvas. I need a new challenge, and what’s more, find that I’ve said all I have to say on the subject of dandyism at the present time. I may return to the topic when I have a fresh perspective.

I feel like I’m letting down the many faithful readers who’ve been with us from the start. But fear not: The forum is still open. And you will likely see an occasional new story now and then. But unless Willard resurfaces, it will never be like it used to be.

But they’ve been saying that about dandyism for 175 years.  — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD

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16 Responses to “Decline and Fall:’s Fifth Anniversary”

  1. The New Edwardian Says:

    This feels very much like the end of an era, or the fall of some old once resplendent monarchy. I’m happy to read that the forum will stay open, but I can’t help but to feel that just won’t be the same. I believe that our beloved would benefit greatly from some new blood. Perhaps there is another Nick Willard type of guy out there somewhere who is willing to take on the mantel of the head self-entitled jerk.

  2. Christian Says:

    I put out a recruitment post a couple months ago and got several volunteers. Decided on one fellow, but he backed out at the last moment. Tough shoes to fill. I think we may have to accept that Willard is irreplaceable.

  3. Pablo Miguel Alberto Vazquez Says:

    I do believe we should post articles submitted by members, as the current Junta just seems simply burnt out.

  4. HRH The Duke of Windsor Says:

    Sad news indeed. was the Roarke`s Drift of dandyism — now we are left almost rudderless.

  5. Nigel Tewksbury Says:

    While I take some pleasure knowing I was part of the downfall, I do think this is an impressive and unique site. The problem always will be that dandies are fundamentally lazy.

  6. Erik Says:

    Faithful myrmidons may be reassured to hear that the “Ephemera” column will continue to be maintained, at least as long as the editor of that indispensable resource finds himself occasionally sober and a few steps ahead of his own creditors.

  7. Robert Says:


  8. Mr Thompson Says:

    Willard’s been around for 175 years? Wow. 😉 I remain optimistic about… As long as it remains up and running as a resource (unlike –ahem– the London Lounge recently), it will continue to make a difference to myrmidons-in-waiting who don’t realize their own dandiosity yet. You can only run flat-out for so long before settling down to an idle. And dandies are nothing if not idle.

  9. Sebastian O Says:

    Would someone kindly advise an awestruck novice as to the origins and implications of the above lithograph?

    I sense the scene may have been revisited in that episode of Blackadder III which featured three famous poets feigning death from coffee addiction..?

    If I should start a blog, bewailing the week-long hangovers which seem to descend after any determined night out these days then that would be the illustration of choice.

  10. Christian Says:

    Very eloquent, Mr. Thompson. Ever thought of running a blog?

    Sebastian, if I recall that image is by Cruikshank, who drew satires of dandies around 1820. The image is cropped to symbolize the three remaining Junta members hovering over Nick Willard.

  11. Sebastian O Says:

    My thanks to you Christian, and indeed to for preserving such a vast heritage and providing a real source of education for those cultivated enough to care in this boorish age.

  12. Mr Thompson Says:

    What’s that now? A blog, you say? Hmm…

  13. Miguel Antonio Says:

    No, willard was not a great dandy, maybe not even a dandy. Williard was at best a good writer, albeit not notable.

  14. Miguel Antonio Says:

    I would offer myself as a volunteer, although I doubt Christian will have the good sense of hiring me.

  15. Christian Says:

    Six months after the post went up, Miguel returns for a little half-hearted trolling.

  16. Miguel Antonio Says:

    Six months after, is the post still valid?. That’s the real question.

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