Who’s the Dandy? — Gatsby Edition


Yesterday was the 25th annual Gatsby Summer Afternoon in the San Francisco Bay Area. The many duded-up gents give us the chance to revisit our “Who’s the Dandy?” series with our first-ever costume edition. Leave a comment to cast your vote on your favorite outfit. Above are John Akridge and Benny Reese. Below, Slimm Buick:


Gregory Seeley:


Ed Archer, Jeffrey Jenkins:


Angelo Roque, Greg Greenwood:


Steve Cochrum:


Mark Jordan:

Tim Stookey, Bryndon Hassman, Bob Cable:


Johnny Stokes:


Chris Gucker:


Franz W. Kohout:


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42 Responses to “Who’s the Dandy? — Gatsby Edition”

  1. Christian Says:

    Though I took the pictures, that shouldn’t make me biased.

    However, I’m a bit biased in favor of Gregory, since he’s wearing a waistcoat of my provenance. But that hat!

    Mr. Hassman’s seersucker is pink, very much in the spirit of the “god-damned pink suit” wearing Jay Gatsby.

    My first thought when seeing Mr. Stokes was of the assassin in “The Untouchables.”

    With pince-nez and spats, Mr. Gucker was… certainly the most pince-nezzed and spatted.

    In person, Mr. Kohout’s jacket was spectacular, and the knit tie a nicely unexpected twist.

  2. G~ Says:

    I like Mr. Cochrum’s outfit, but it’s a little flashy.
    I like Mr. Jordan’s attitude [except his tie matches his face :-/
    Mr. Gucker..well, what Christian said
    Mr. Stokes, Mr’s Jenkins, and Mr. Greenwood all look great
    I’m kind of prejudiced myself, but I think I looked best [plus I have Christian’s waistcoat on]: the waistcoat, the suit, the hat AND the bloody Mary~ 4 aces beats a full house of well dressed men ;-]
    As I said, I may be predjudiced

  3. Michael Mattis Says:

    Of them all, I think Mark Jordan takes it. His ensemble, though historically inspired, could easily pass as contemporary at a high society garden party on Long Island.

    This does not surprise me. Jordan and I once showed up to a party wearing identical Ralph Lauren DB chalk strip suits — only he had the vents sewn up on his.

    Well done, Jordan.

  4. Christian Says:

    I plan to post Slimm’s jacket on Ivy-Style. Maybe not Slimm himself, but at least his jacket.

    When I arrived after the trek from SoCo I hadn’t been to a Gatsby for so long I forgot where the restroom was. I looked around the back of the house and couldn’t find it. This was early (I was there to volunteer) and there were only a few people around. I walked up to a guy and asked where the restroom was. Turned out to be Dr. Bathybius! So my lone conversation with the man has been asking where the men’s room is.

    As I walked away I had a feeling that’s who he was an identified myself. Alas never found him later to chat or take his picture.

    Who won the costume contest, by the way?

  5. scott Says:

    Our very own Gregory
    Mark Jordan
    Franz Kohout

    I vote for Gregory as he looks most at ease in his suit (and many do not), Mark Jordan as looking quite at his leisure in the chair casually holding his drink (a very dandy photo op), and I don’t think further explanation is necessary for Franz Kohout.

    I wish I could have attended, but the Sonoma birthday weekend kept me away.

  6. G~ Says:

    Slimm Buick won the contest. A damn fine outfit I have to say :-]

  7. Maria Says:

    They all look perfectly dashing, dastardly and even dandy! I do enjoy Mr. Seely’s blue tie. Very debonair.

    (This comment was brought to you by the letter “D”.)

  8. Sean (N.E.) Says:

    All of them are quite good. It must have taken some time to put those looks together although I’m certain it was a labor of love.

    Of the lot, I think Gregory does the best followed very closely by Mark Jordan who looks ever so the picture of Sprezzatura seated nonchalantly in his chair and sipping a G&T.

    Great photos, which are fun to look at, and makes me wish that I could have been there. Maybe next year.

  9. Gregg Greenwood Says:

    Christian, thank you for the photos, so we might gaze upon our beauty. M.Jordon is my Dandy of the Day; it’s the pose: haughty indolence. And the flushed face to match red tie–proud dissolution. F.Kohut’s rig reveals him as a life long clothes wearing man, so second place. And Mr. Seely, please sir, remember your suspenders: your pants have fallen below the vest, but a smart vest indeed.

  10. santy567 Says:

    what a bunch of clowns. even chaplin wore decent clothes outside the studio.

  11. santy567 Says:

    i sort of like Marc Jordan, and the nice lady with the hat on the last picture.

  12. Sasha Says:

    Oh my! What a wonderful world. They’re all juste perfet but if I’d to choose: n°1 Gregory Seeley, n°2 Ed Archer, n°3 Steve Cochrum…

  13. Justine Says:

    My first vote is Slimm Buick, but I am his wife ha ha! Second vote goes to Johnny.

  14. Ashley Yakeley Says:

    You may excuse it as a “costume edition”, but it’s leaning perilously close to an endorsement of retro-eccentricity. To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with participating in a costume event, but it seems odd for D.net to attempt to judge dandyism from the costumes.

    Mr. Mattis is right, Mark Jordan wins, precisely because his costume is the least costume-y.

  15. Christian Says:

    The D.net Junta has a long history of appreciating costumes — for costumed events.

    Bob Sacheli has actually worn a codpiece onstage.

  16. Sir Rolly Pinkerton-Phipps Says:


    Looks like it was a great bash. I do have to say however, that you American chaps have a slightly different “flavour” of dandyism to some of us British dandies. This is, of course, totally natural and is based around our different cultures and histories. I fear the London Dandy look has taken on a more glitzy and somewhat sinister guise – in fact I do believe Sebastian (Horsley) who epitomises the look, was recently refused entry into the US. Maybe it was because his suit was too shiny?!

    Anyway, looks like a great do and I hope all had a fantastic time. Bags of Absinthe consumed no doubt…oops silly me, I believe it is illegal in your country.

    Toodle Pip

    Sir Rolly,

  17. Michael Mattis Says:

    The legality of absinthe never stopped us from drinking it. But it doesn’t matter now as it has been legal for some time now.

  18. santy567 Says:

    i’d like to meet a modern british dandy, just for laughs.
    those in the pictures are not american dandies,
    just imagine in ten pictures not one beautiful example of male elegance.
    they are just followers of something called dandysm.

  19. Mr Thompson Says:

    Ed Archer: Matching tweeds, plus-fours, stiff collar, and that moustache! What a perfect driving outfit. He looks completely at ease, a master of his ensemble. Some others look mastered by their costume: he seems unfazed by it. He looks like he just happened to be motoring by, and wandered into the group. He fits in perfectly, doesn’t look like he’s trying, and surpasses most who seem to be trying too hard. Is there a better description of dandyism?

    (Mark Jordan looks like a page right out of Apparel Arts, so bravo to him too.)

  20. Michael Mattis Says:

    *they are just followers of something called dandysm*

    No. They are people at a costume party. That is all.

  21. santy567 Says:

    i’m really confused now. since when a white suit and a hat, worn on a hot and sunny day is costumey?
    what are this parties people attend to? they look sort of ridiculous but not to the extreme of being silly costumes.

  22. The Duke of Windsor Says:

    That Cornell University blazer is absolutely epic.

  23. scott Says:

    Santy, I will assume you are selectively illiterate and not just trying to irritate people (since I actually think its kind of funny). \”Yesterday was the 25th annual Gatsby Summer Afternoon in the San Francisco Bay Area.\” Its right there under the first photograph.

    If you are not familiar with the name Gatsby, you might try picking up some early 20th century American literature. Particularly the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

  24. Michael Mattis Says:

    Well said, Scott. Though perhaps it’s time to stop “feeding the troll.” 😉

  25. Blepharospasm Says:

    OK, so it’s a costume party. Most everyone looks like they’re wearing costumes. But who looks good?

    Slimm Buick is too matchy-matchy with all the red. Same goes for Jeffrey Jenkins. It is the flaw to Mark Jordan’s otherwise impeccable outfit as well.

    I hate to say it, but Greg Greenwood looks like a constipated milkman.

    Tim Stookey either needs to see his tailor or invest in suspenders–or both. For that matter, Greg Greenwood and Johnny Stokes need to see their tailors, too–jackets aren’t supposed to ride up like that.

    Bryndon Hassman needs to shorten his trousers and get a new hat.

    Steve Cochrum: Italian pimp.

    It’s easy to be snarky–so who looks good?

    The winner is clearly Mark Jordan. His insouciant air is what really makes it. He is comfortable in what he is wearing, and the ensemble is fantastic. Ed Archer is similarly comfortable in his clothes, even though the plus fours (plus sixes?) would look out of place anywhere else but a golf course. Franz W. Kohout belongs at the boat races or an ice cream social, but still looks good. The Cornell blazer is fabulous, but I hope that the wearer is either a Cornell alumnus or the son of the original owner. Bryndon Hassman, except as noted above, is also looking good.

    So who’s the dandy? The wearer of the most affected outfit of all: Chris Gucker, though his suit could use some tailoring to fit him better.

  26. santy567 Says:

    was everyone in Long island looking so clownish in the 20’s?

  27. Mr Thompson Says:

    Lack of proper fitting and tailoring should be a disqualifying factor. It tips the balance between ‘costume’ and ‘attire.’

  28. Bob Schulenberg Says:

    Time capsule:Jeffrey Jenkins appears to have stepped directly out of 1926 – maybe ’27!

  29. santy567 Says:

    1926 milkman perhaps. did they use red silk handkerchiefs back then? in the middle of summer when linen is most needed.

  30. Oliver Says:

    By your own definition, what does this sort of event have to do with dandyism? Why not do a feature on Renaissance Faires?

    Just come clean and confess yourselves to be a costume enthusiast’s forum. It’s painful to observe the constant denial and retreat.

    Does dandyism consist of nothing more than dressing up for a costume party on Sunday, and then decrying the evils of eccentricity on Monday? Sad.

    What currents in the world of culture and men’s fashion do you *like* ? This site is a yawning black hole of thought and engagement.

    You have some interesting links at the side now and again, which is the only reason I bother to come back. Thanks for that, at least.

  31. Gregory Says:

    ” This site is a yawning black hole of thought and engagement.”

    OMG~ That needs to go in the Idle Talk section :-]

  32. Christian Says:

    Good catch, Gregory. I think I’ll truncate to simply “A yawning black hole of thought.”

    Sorry, Oliver, not much to say. I think we can celebrate costumes AT A COSTUME EVENT and not be inconsistent in our point of view.

  33. Sebastian O Says:

    To rather appreciate the relevance to Dandyism that such ‘costumed capers’ tend to behold one would really need to drag a dozen British ‘Chavs’ from their local boozer and cringe at their reluctance to remotely carry themselves with anything resembling a straight back or shaven features (beyond the backs of their contemptable heads).

    Nosirs, Mr. Seeley steels the show and indeed what else may the true Dandy be remembered for..?

    Well done to all, nonetheless, and the top two fellows in particular for enriching our increasingly barbarous era to such an exquisite degree.

  34. santy567 Says:

    Mr. Seeley looks quite silly with his unmatching clothes and that little ornament hanging from his jacket. where did he get that unflattering hat?

  35. Michael Mattis Says:

    Doing a quick search on the Internet troll, “santy567,” I notice that he also posts to A Suitable Wardrobe and the London Lounge. Fine. But I notice also that someone with that same handle also posts frequently to the odious “White Power” site, “Stormfront,” with equally odious comments, such as:


    Oh, the sheer vulgarity of it all. Stand behind your comments, Santy. Use your real name.

  36. santy567 Says:

    just a difference in opionions, i don’t think my comments should be taking seriously. hey, wear whatever costume you like. you should do a quick search for my censured sartorialist comments those are really vulgar, they deserve it.

  37. John Says:

    I really like Slim’s tie.

  38. Miguel Antonio Says:

    The only dandy there, Steve Cochrum.

  39. Terence Says:

    Great photos! I love that some men still take time to groom and dress like this.

  40. lauren Says:

    I just found your blog and you can’t imagine my surprise to see familiar faces as I was scrolling through your entries! I vote for Mr. Akridge. He always looks dashing, even if just enjoying an “evening in”.

  41. M. Says:

    I vote for Mark Jordan — he looks perfect, and besides, he is just a really nice guy.

    I have to wonder that you included the top photo. These are ridiculous ensembles. At least Benny’s shirt matches his socks, but John? Please. This looks like a ridiculous fancy dress costume. Next to the photos of the other gents here, who are wearing their clothes like actual clothing, his outfit is a joke. I’m not even going to touch on the golf-pants-with-suit-jacket issue. Yuck.

  42. Mr X Says:

    Please stop it with the “gents”. It’s short for the mens room.

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