It’s Official: Founder is Big in Japan founder and erstwhile editor-in-chief, Christian “Chenners” Chensvold has cracked the code that lies at the four-point crossroads of contemporary dandyism, trad, preppy and Ivy League style—in Japan. He was recently profiled in the Japanese magazine, Free & Easy.In 2008, Chensvold founded, a website devoted to the Ivy League look, its history and its place in American—and, indeed, international—culture. Two years ago, Chensvold pulled up his California stakes and moved his operation to New York, to be nearer the epicenters of publishing, culture and style. There he met classic men’s style greats like G. Bruce Boyer and Richard Press. And thrived. Recently, he was appointed an editorship at the venerable New York high society magazine, Quest.

The Free & Easy article—all eight pages of it—describes Chensvold’s wardrobe and accessories in almost excruciating detail. Of course, the Japanese are known for their appreciation and quirky interpretation of classic American style, as well as an eye for minute detail. Witness, for example, the book “Take Ivy” by Shosuke Ishizu, originally published back in 1965 and recently re-released, which caused a craze among Japan’s youth. It may well again.

The Free & Easy issue featuring Chensvold concentrates on what the magazine’s editors call “dad’s style” for 2012. “Dad’s style,” notes Chensvold in a recent post, is code for trad. So with D.Net, and Quest under his belt, can “” be far behind? — MM

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  1. Chenners Says:

    I love how I become aware of this through a Google alert. Thanks, guys.

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