New Year, New

Faithful myrmidons will have noticed that two new articles have recently been posted to the homepage, our “Dandy of the Year”—which is more like “Dandy of the Every Other Year” at this point—and a piece on our former leader and ongoing inspiration, Christian Chensvold (blessings and peace be upon him) and his success in the ephemera of Japan. These are but a mere amuse-bouche for what is to come. On the slate are original monographs, profiles, interviews, book and museum reviews and much more. Stay tuned.

In addition, we’ve made some changes to the masthead:

Michael Mattis takes over as Grand Poo Bah, charged with the thankless but not entirely unrewarding tasks of Managing Editor and Forum Moderator. We encourage new viewers to become Forum myrmidons, and lapsed myrmidons to re-engage in the conversation. There is no entry fee and you have nothing to declare but your genius. We think you’ll like the changes. If you would like to try your hand at the quill and contribute an original article to the D.Net home page, please join the Forum and send Mattis a private message.

Florida gentleman and neo-royalist homme d’affaires, Sean Charles Hall, is our new Social Media Manager and Cruise Director. Hall created and now curates our elegant page on Facebook. There you’ll find a veritable boîte à bijoux of dandiacal imagery, bons mots, and exquisite conviviality.

Stewart Gibson has been named, sotto voce, as’s Editor, Ephemera. For some time, the London boulevardier has been charged with the exclusive responsibility of making sure that there are three or four new Ephemera links each week.

And while you’ve been cramming so that you can pass the definite Test of Dandy Knowledge— finals are next week, gentlemen—more texts have been added to the Library.

The Amateur of Fashion” is an alleged eyewitness account of the infamous theatrics of Romeo Coates. simply cannot have enough articles about Romeo Coates. Not that Coates is an important dandy. As the article makes clear, he never cracked society’s top echelon, his clothes were more ostentatious than tasteful and he was forever an object of ridicule for his peculiar interpretation of the tragic Veronese. Rather, it’s because every month “Romeo” ranks among the top twenty-five search terms that drive readers to this site. The searchers are probably writing a term paper on “Romeo and Juliet,” but we’re not particular about who our visitors are. Two articles are twice as likely as one to attract these lost souls. And while the errant scholars are here, they may learn something that actually will be valuable to them in their adult lives, like learning to properly knot a necktie.

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4 Responses to “New Year, New”

  1. Matthias Pierre Lubinsky Says:

    We are very lucky that is still alive! The dandyism will never die:)9

    All the best from Berlin, dear Dandys!

    Matthias Pierre Lubinsky

  2. Michael Says:

    Cheers, Matthias!

  3. Oscarwildefanclub Says:

    Love the site

    I’m presuming that Oscar Wilde is indeed an honorary founding member

    Perhaps you would like to do a guest blog on our website?

  4. Michael Says:

    Certainly. Let’s talk. mbmattis [at]

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