Who’s the Dandy?: Super Bowl Edition

Last Sunday, February 5, the people of the United States over-indulged in their annual ritual of rough spectacle, the Super Bowl. American football, which somehow split from its English parent, Rugby Football, in the 19th century, has become the American institution nonpareil, as much a religion as a sport. As a game, it combines brute force, military-style battlefield strategy and, occasionally, physical poetry.

But the Super Bowl is more than the ultimate season-ending championship game. It’s America’s “barbaric yawp,” an over-the-top, overtly commercial, Roman-style imperial pageant (as Madonna’s show at half-time more than casually suggested).

Even those Americans who don’t like football watch the Super Bowl. Why? The commercials. Since Apple’s famed “1984” spot first burst onto the scene during Super Bowl XVII, the game has been used as a canvas one which the world’s top advertising agencies and brands show off their finest “art.”

Among this year’s Super Bowl ads was this one from Gillette, maker of shaving apparatus.

The ad, called “Masters of Style” features:

Adrien Brody, the Hollywood man about town and star of the triple Oscar award-winning film, The Pianist.”

Gael García Bernal, steamy Latin lover and lead in such romantic comedies as “A Little Bit of Heaven.”

André 3000, singer-songwriter, member of the hip-hop duo “OutKast,” and creator of the “Benjamin Bixby” line of 1930s, college-inspired clothing.  (You’ve seen him here before.)

Well, what about it? Who’s the Super Bowl dandy? One? None? All? Or should there be a flag on this play? Let us know in the comments.

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9 Responses to “Who’s the Dandy?: Super Bowl Edition”

  1. Sean Says:

    I think I need one of those ProGlide stylers.

    As for who is the dandy, I never heard of Gael García Bernal, and I can’t say that I know how Adrien Brody lives his life. Since Dandyism is more than clothing I don’t believe I could surmise about either gentleman.

    André 3000 on the other hand talks the talk and walks the walk, if I may be so vulgar with that cliché. He lives it as well as expresses it in his outward appearance. He gets my vote!

  2. mgr Says:

    Brody looks like a pimp, Bernal like a little school boy, André’s got it!

  3. Vlad Says:

    I went to the avant premiere of Brody`s new film in Paris last week. I was invited as Brody`s French distributor is a friend of mine, a most dandy and decadent Swiss Jew. The point of the story however is this…..

    Brody was wearing the same suit in the film, at the Q and A and in this commercial.

    What is one to make of this?

    Does the esteemed gentleman only own that one suit?

  4. Michael Says:

    Vlad, which film was that? I thought Brody was terrific as Salvador Dali in “Midnight in Paris.” However, I remain unconvinced with regard to his native dandyism when there’s no one there from wardrobe to tell him what to wear.

  5. Vlad Says:

    It was called `Detachment`… With Brody playing an angry nice guy inner city school teacher.

    I suspect you are right, left to his own devices he would be roguish but too enamored of the shiny and flashy…

  6. RKM Says:

    I’ll let others here discuss which guy in the Superbowl razor commercial was prettier.

    Here’s the real moment of the Super Bowl….Adriana Lima pulling on her black stockings, slipping into her stilettos, and applying her lipstick:


  7. PL Says:

    Perhaps he’s a frugal celebrity, or perhaps he will never find another suit that fits that well.

    In other Adrian Brody wardrobe news, I’d suggest The Darjeeling Limited, Wes Anderson’s film about a trio of brothers traveling India by train in search of lost family bonds. The wardrobe on all three characters, particularly the suits, are impeccable throughout the film. Especially Brody’s safari jacket and the massive set of custom LV luggage the brothers haul around.

    Not Wes Anderson’s best film, by any stretch, but worth watching for the style if nothing else.

  8. Clay Says:

    Adrian Brody has that easy elegant style that I really admire. He never looks like he’s trying too hard. He’s the Man.

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