Ego Time: Dandies in the Press

We’re not ones to fluff our own egos. We have plenty of admirers to do that for us. However, once in a while the redoubtable Junta at enjoys what can only be described as a perfect storm of kudos. This stretch of inclement weather has occurred in the last few months or, as the business types say, between the beginning of Q4, 2011 and the end of Q1, 2012.

It’s well known, of course, that our founder, Christian Chensvold, made it big in Japan with an eight page spread in the oddly-named style mag “Free & Easy.”

But, really, the big winner in the blogeratti kudos contest was decidedly Robert Sacheli, the Washington D.C. clubman-about-town who pens the occasional – and more than occasionally erudite – column, “The Passionate Spectator” herein.

On a junket to New York late last Autumn, your correspondent met Bob and Chenners at the delightfully haute-bohemian Coffee House Club on 44th Street’s club row. (Bob is a member and past president of the Arts Club of Washington, and the Coffee House is a reciprocal. If you don’t know what that means you are reading the wrong website.) There we had a delightful lunch among its charming membership. (Try the salmon. It’s divine.) Bob was looking smart but casual in a second-hand – we are not above that sort of thing around here, you know – Brioni sport coat and scarf.

After lunch, Bob wended his way down to the Village, where he was to meet with the fashion illustrator Richard Haines. On the street, he was stopped in his tracks by a photographer who snapped the picture above. This turned out to be a one Steffen Hendlund, who runs a style blog called “A Way of Dressing.”

Bob duly got his portrait drawn by Mr. Haines, right, here in a Richard James tweed hacking-style jacket with an orange velvet collar.

Earlier this year Bob was pigeonholed at a book party in D.C. for flowered shirt enthusiast and “Gay Men Don’t Get Fat” author, Simon Doonan. The shots (below) are from the GoKateShoot blog of D.C. photographer Kate Warren.

We’re still not sure about that two-buttonhole lapel, but we’ll let that pass as the velvet is so plush.

Lastly, your faithful correspondent was interviewed by Ville Raivio, a myrmidon and Finland’s premier men’s style blogger, for his site, Keikari. The image is courtesy Rose Callahan, the first lady of contemporary dandyism, who we interviewed a while back. Ville’s interview is in Finnish (your correspondent lived in that part of the bleak and perilous North for about a year a decade ago), but if you hit the English translation button, you’ll get the gist – and a little comic relief from Google Translate.

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