Who’s the Dandy?: Dandy Talk Edition

Nathaniel Adams, Amber “Hubba Hubba” Doyle, Mike Davis, Jake Mueser, or Dandy Wellington?

It appears that the event, Dandy Talk, fluffed by your faithful correspondent at the end of last month, went off without a hitch last Friday, October 5 in Gotham City. Presented by Rose Callahan, Matt Fox, Thomas P. Farley, David Zyla and Natty Adams, the event was attended by a veritable who’s who of Big Apple aesthetes, New Amsterdam dandizettes and boho bons vivants.

Among the dandiscenti were none other than fashionista Patrick McDonald (whose eyebrows must have come in a separate town car), menswear legend G. Bruce Boyer, our charming old nemesis, Allen Crawford (aka, Lord Whimsy), musician Dandy Wellington and designer Ignacio Quiles, among others.

Given the day-to-day sartorial splendor of these magnates of menswear, “who’s the dandy?” may seem a strange question to ask. So instead we’ll ask, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the dandy-most one of all?”

Take a peak at Rose Callahan’s Dandy Talk snaps and offer up your two cents worth.

Shannon Hill, G. Bruce Boyer, or Len Logsdail?

Allen Crawford or Kelly Desmond Bray?

Keith Tritto or Jamesy Burton?

All images thanks to Rose Callahan.

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8 Responses to “Who’s the Dandy?: Dandy Talk Edition”

  1. T Says:

    Most of them are just eccentrics. Dandyism is not about eccentricism, but about elegance, simple elegance. Brummell surely would have thought these guys are fops, not dandies. If you ask me, the men in the first picture look like they’re in a costume party. A truly elegant man would never try to gain attention with eccentric clothes. That’s the purpose of the vulgar man. True elegance is not flashy, I’m sorry. They just look bad.

  2. Bill Thompson Says:

    When I look at this group of men, I don’t see a lot of dandyism, actually. I see men in costume. Perhaps it’s an effect of living in NYC — increased pressure to stand out in a very large crowd, and a zeitgeist that tends to encourage excess and restrain restraint. If the dandy is exemplified by exactitude of fit and an insouciant character, I see both of these sorely lacking in these examples. Bruce Boyer comes closest, I suppose, largely due to his age and gravitas. Whimsy would be in the running, if his coat fit better through the shoulders. If this is the best New York has to offer, I say Meh.

    –The Curmudgeon

  3. Ashley Yakeley Says:

    I agree with T & Bill. “Dandy” has become a subculture and Whimsy’s suit doesn’t even fit.

    These days I read The Sartorialist to see well-dressed men.

  4. Nick Willard Says:

    Natty — who has written for D.net — http://www.dandyism.net/2006/10/14/strike-up-the-bland/ & http://www.dandyism.net/2006/07/14/kelly-as-brummell/ — is currently embarked upon a very important project: http://livesofthedandies.blogspot.com/

  5. MS Says:

    I don’t remember a time where dandyism wasn’t considered eccentric.

  6. Michael Says:

    My two cents:

    All of them have a dandiacal flair, some a little more retro and dramatic than others (the young and the restless vs. the venerable and very proper, it would seem).

    Here’s how I break it down:

    First, I’m quite embarrassed for not remembering that Natty Adams wrote for this site in the past. Sorry, Natty. But I wasn’t managing editor then. Anyway, it’s curious that Natty and Mike Davis are in nearly identical ’30s-inspired suits with DB, shawl-collared vests. Evidently they forget to telegram one another beforehand. They both look good in that very retro way.

    Dandy Wellington is a performer. The retro thing is a part of his act — although from what I’ve seen he’s got the “be the brand” thing going on 24/7. (I wonder what he wears at the gym?) He’s a handsome fellow and so can get away with a lot. Still, I’m unfond of the hat indoors thing, act or no.

    Jake Mueserm with his daring, horizontally striped shirt against his trim-looking pinstripe suit and purple tie seems the most sleek a modern to me, so I’ll hand the honor to him.

    But never mind, because we know were all just looking at Amber, anyway. That girl’s got spark.

    Shannon Hill, G. Bruce Boyer and Len Logsdail are the most timelessly classic, and also seem the most natural, like they were born in those clothes.

    Crawford has certainly come a long way from when he used to shop in the thrift store kid’s department. The suit, I believe, is from Duchess of Portland (and soon to be of San Francisco), and she’s a stickler for fit, or so I hear. The prole gape you see in that photo then is possibly a function of the way he’s standing with his arm raised up around Kelly Bray’s back. It happens.

    Bray, with his combination of 1950s painted tie (he’s really fond of ’em) and Hercule Poirot mustache is an odd man out.

    Keith Tritto looks fine in DJ. And Jamesy is, well, just Jamesy. (Say it fast and loud like Jack used say “Just Jack!” on “Will and Grace.”)

    Of the younger fellows, I’d say Jake comes out on top, while B.B. tops it for the men of a certain age.

  7. Nick Willard Says:

    @ Michael (M2)

    Mike Davis is a customer of Against Nature — http://againstnaturenyc.com/ — where Natty is the manager. Perhaps that’s why the cuts of their jibs are alike.

  8. Scott Gonzales Says:

    the one and only dandy I know in Houston is Al Saulso artist,poet,producer of the group SAULSO&ARCHANGEL (which strangely makes electonic music)www.soundcloud/saulso-the-cray saw him on stage and it made me think of 1890’s England. I think he is the only one that can pull it off so well…

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