Ideal Husband: Dressing For A Summer Wedding offers the above outfit in a post entitled “How To Dress For A Summer Wedding.” Ah, but why not dress like this every day?

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2 Responses to “Ideal Husband: Dressing For A Summer Wedding”

  1. Bill Thompson Says:

    Oh, thank heavens…I thought from the headline that the article was recommending this outfit for the GROOM! I was prepared to be outraged.

    That said, I have some thoughts on the dandy quotient. It looks a little twee and studied — too costumey and “off-the-rack,” for lack of a better phrase; and thus, in my opinion, lacking in dandy finesse. All the parts are there, but those parts are too disparate, with too little coherence.

    The initial thought I have is, “he’s trying too hard.” He knows the effect to which he aspires, but doesn’t quite know how to get there. He’s trying (and hooray for that!) and is better dressed than 99.5% of modern men; but at the dandy level of asymptotic perfection, the details become ever-increasingly important. His outfit is merely “nice,” and no amount of insouciance can elevate it beyond that. Details like fit, fabric, and finish, catapult an outfit from “nice” to “sublime.”

  2. Brod Ross Says:

    It seems that people think Dandy is only retro..The photo shows a vintage stile costume. It dose not hit the mark for the Dandy of the twenty-teens

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