King Cole: Paul Stuart’s Phabulous Phineas Cole Collection


Recently I’ve been doing some style stories for, surely the most phallically obnoxious and nouveaux richest URL in the history of the Internet. It’s fun to drop casually at parties when someone asks who you’re writing for these days.

Although my audience is — supposedly  — newly minted Chinese and Russian moguls, my editor (formerly of The Rake) lets me write as I wish. The assignments are pretty pleasant, too, including my latest, on Paul Stuart’s Phineas Cole collection.

The story opens thusly:

 I recently stood with a group of menswear colleagues, including a couple of industry veterans, on the sidewalk of 45th Street near the corner of Madison Avenue. We were admiring the always dazzling window displays of Paul Stuart, the storied New York luxury house celebrating its 75th anniversary this year.

As we peered at the mannequins bedecked in the Phineas Cole collection’s daring colors and patterns — like the bold and challenging harmonies of serious modern music — we wondered just who the customer was for these audacious duds, for which the term “dandyish panache” hardly does justice.

Get the full scoop by heading here. You’ll learn about one of the most special collections in men’s clothing today, in which everything is intended to be as dressy and elegant as possible, and get a 31-frame slideshow, a sampling of which is seen here. — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD




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5 Responses to “King Cole: Paul Stuart’s Phabulous Phineas Cole Collection”

  1. Cané Says:

    Is that an Onassis knot in the last photograph?

  2. Nick Willard Says:

    It does not appear to be: it has a dimple.

  3. Charles Traynor Jr. Says:


  4. » Blog Archive » King Cole: Paul Stuart’s Phabulous Phineas Cole Collection | Kvinto Says:

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  5. Paul Evans Says:

    I was there last night. Walked by the store and noticed the Phineas Cole Collection in the window. Had to go in and see the suits up close. That Paul Stuart store also have an awesome shoe department with styles from around the world (i.e., England, Spain, Portugal, Italy). Definitely recommend going there.

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