Who’s The Dandy? Gieves & Hawkes Party Edition


The blog of Gieves & Hawkes has posted a write-up on its party last week for Callahan & Adams, but even more interesting is a Pinterest page, a virtual rogues gallery of sartorial mug shots, of the event’s attendees.

What better opportunity, we thought, to revive one of our most notorious regular features, the “Who’s The Dandy?” sartorial showdowns.

We’ve narrowed the contestants down to eight. At the bottom of this post you’ll find polling software to cast your vote (and even more enticing, monitor the results as they come in). There is no specific criteria for this contest (such as the unanswerable riddle what does 21st-century dandyism look like). You could say we’re simply courting the popular vote. Who’s outfit do you like best?

Above is Mr. A, while below Mr. B:


Mr. C kindly solicits your vote:


As does D:


E (for effortless?):


And F:


Here’s Mr. G, demonstrating the skillful employment of solids:


And finally Mr. H, who, like Mr. A, has given the impression that he has either just come from, or is on his way to, an altogether more important event:


Those are the contestants. Now tell us whom you like best:

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12 Responses to “Who’s The Dandy? Gieves & Hawkes Party Edition”

  1. MF Says:

    “If John Bull turns round to look after you, you are not well dressed: but either too stiff, too tight, or too fashionable”.

  2. Chenners Says:

    I’ve been planning a John Bull post (was also thinking of adding a vote to it). Looks like tomorrow would be the perfect time.

  3. Tom Says:

    I think this guy is best addressed but he’s not on your list


  4. Chenners Says:

    It was too easy. We knew he’d win.

  5. Barima Says:

    Tom and Christian,

    I owe you two my surprised and hearty thanks for the write-in votes (assuming Chenners isn’t just being a scamp, which would still be fair enough. My own vote is biased, but utterly sincere)



  6. Cané Says:

    Oh, now, come on, you’ve forgot about:
    This picture just SCREAMS dandy. Brummell would be proud…

  7. Mr Balzac Says:

    Anyone but C. What a bad fit and bad taste.

  8. Ray Frensham Says:

    Gosh, what’s happened to me? (No. 1) – I am suddenly out front…. perhaps my harem of Swedish schoolboy lovers have collectively voted for me…. Thank you, and I love you all!!

  9. Amy Says:

    Please give my number to D… and E… oh fuck, and G, too (if by some stretch of the imagination any of those babes are into girls) but I’m still voting for the charming C, who looks dashing in velvet and has a shade of blonde I’m still striving for.

  10. Barima Says:

    Ironically, Amy, of your list you’ve voted for the only one that is a) single and b) not a heterosexual. On the other hand, he’s friendly enough to give you hair care tips

    The most vaguely amusing thing about this list is that with a little re-ordering, the contestants’ initials could respond to their appellations here, leaving, for example, Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer as, well, “Mr. B”



  11. Ray Frensham Says:

    Does anyone know when voting is supposed to end on this lark??

  12. Chenners Says:

    When the mountains tumble to the sea.

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