Right Ho! The Return Of Jeeves & Wooster


Jeeves & Wooster are back — not on the screen, however, but in print.

The current issue of Vanity Fair includes an excerpt from “Jeeves And The Wedding Bells,” which is due next month from author Sebastian Faulks, who was previously charged with filling Ian Fleming’s shoes via the James Bond novel “Devil May Care.” It’s the first new piece of Jeeves lit since Wodehouse wrote the last complete novel in 1974.

Judging from the synopsis at Amazon, it certainly sounds like a Jeeves & Wooster plotline:

… Bertie and Jeeves return in a hilarious affair of mix-ups and mishaps. With the approval of the Wodehouse estate, acclaimed novelist Sebastian Faulks brings these two back to life for their legion of fans. Bertie, nursing a bit of heartbreak over the recent engagement of one Georgina Meadowes to someone not named Wooster, agrees to “help” his old friend Peregrine “Woody” Beeching, whose own romance is foundering. That this means an outing to Dorset, away from an impending visit from Aunt Agatha, is merely an extra benefit. Almost immediately, things go awry and the simple plan quickly becomes complicated. Jeeves ends up impersonating one Lord Etringham, while Bertie pretends to be Jeeves’ manservant “Wilberforce,”—and this all happens under the same roof as the now affianced Ms. Meadowes. From there the plot becomes even more hilarious and convoluted, in a brilliantly conceived, seamlessly written comic work worthy of the master himself.

And judging by the excerpt in Vanity Fair, Faulks has the sparse writing style down.

Now if the pair were to return to the screen, who should play them this time around?

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3 Responses to “Right Ho! The Return Of Jeeves & Wooster”

  1. Bill Thompson Says:

    If it’s not Wodehouse, it’s not Wooster. I don’t care how close Faulks gets, it’s still an imitation.

  2. ProustFan Says:

    Agree with Bill Thompson.

    I read The House of Silk a while back and it was a poor imitation of Doyle’s work and I expect this to be the same.

  3. Barima Says:

    Interestingly, this coincides with noted UK actors Stephen Mangan and Matthew MacFayden taking the roles in a new stage play arriving in the West End this autumn. Perhaps Stewart might review it?



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