Retro Vs. Modern: The Handlebar Mustache


In this post, the first in a new series, we’ll examine components of dress and grooming and present contrasting retro and modern versions. Up first is the handlebar mustache. 

Retro (above): Worn on the face

Modern (below): Worn on the ankle


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One Response to “Retro Vs. Modern: The Handlebar Mustache”

  1. principe Says:

    Life walking down the street certainly improved after the writer shaved off his George V style beard but retained the waxed handlebar mustache! Either when one is wearing linen suits in the summer or hairy tweeds in the winter, ladies from eighteen to eighty smile at one benignly or sometimes, flirtily…. if the smile is returned with an avuncular wink who knows where it might lead? When a young man asks me why such a blossom is draped on my arm I always advise “Grow a handlebar, my boy, grow a handlebar!”

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