The Frankendandy


Need a last-minute Halloween costume? Consider dressing up as the Frankendandy.

Comprised of signature components of the 21st-century’s leading dandies, Frankendandy is, to borrow a line from a ’50s B horror movie, “pieced together like some monstrous jigsaw puzzle.”

The best part is that most of costume’s ingredients can be found right in your own closet!

Happy Halloween. Watch out for goths.

Illustration by Stephen Teater

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2 Responses to “The Frankendandy”

  1. principe Says:

    Guilty as charged, m’Lord! Last Sunday at the swap meet found a gold-headed walking stick for $10… the dealer thought it was brass . Added to the collection of 30 or so. As to the pot metal watch on vintage chain (ouch!) my chain was from a pectoral cross blessed by John Paul II and I thought, well, being a high Tory Anglican what could be more appropriate…..

  2. Michael Mattis Says:

    Dandy Hipster. One of your best posts yet.

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