Revenge Of The Fops


Not that the mainstream media can be counted on to discern the niceties between a rake and a poppinjay, a beau and a coxcomb (and their concept of “Macaroni” can certainly be counted on to be cheesey), but when Yahoo! Sports ran the above photo with the headline “Three Foppish Dandies attended the Chicago Bulls/New York Knicks game on Halloween night,” our diabolical monocle fell from its perch beneath our ever-arched eyebrow.

Dandies ran the fops out of fashion, with Brummell leading the way in the revolt against powder and wigs, brocade and lace. Now, 200 years later, the fashion has gone full circle, as the fops, in a gaggle of shrill laughter, get themselves taken for dandies. Sink me!


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7 Responses to “Revenge Of The Fops”

  1. Cané Says:

    Dear Lord, one of the fops has a Power Balance bracelet…

  2. John M. Gilheany Says:

    Fops are delightful creatures, in their own ghastly way if truth be told …

  3. Ariete! Says:

    In the linguistic sense (of vernacular lexicology equating with understanding and udnerstanding equating with meaning), of course, there has never been a functional distinction between the terms “fop” and “dandy”.

    So I don’t understand the issue.

    That the men above look ridiculous? It is evidently their *intention* to appear clownish.

    That similar silliness might be ascribed to a group of people that dress better than the chaps above but still spend time discussing dandyism? Rest assured that to the slovenly, brutish masses anyone remotely involved with this site would be considered laughably effete.


  4. Bill Thompson Says:

    Well, sure, to the slovenly, brutish masses. But why should we care what they think? They walk around in their underwear, for cryin’ out loud.

  5. John M. Gilheany Says:

    And Beau Brummell did kick the crap out of them (by BBC standards, at least)

  6. ProustFan Says:

    More like Flops.

  7. principe Says:

    The day the above photo was posted I returned from my swap meet browsing possessing two soft paste Bavarian plates ca. 1840, one with a portrait of Louis XVI ,poor booby ,and the other with his sister Madame Elizabeth. She when about to be guillotined, said to the executioner, “Monsieur! I appeal to the memory of your mother! Pray cover my exposed shoulders!” And he did.
    We often think of the Ancienne Regime as being the exclusive province of the silly fops but there was very often real courage on the scaffold …..

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