Well Dressed Around The Clock


Mansel Fletcher, one of our loyal readers, posted a piece at Mr. Porter today on pajamas and how to “carry them off.” Personally we prefer having them taken off.

If that doesn’t sound very exciting, know in Fletcher’s meditation on dressing elegantly at all times, he manages to work in references to “Downton Abbey,” “Brideshead Revisited,” PG Wodehouse, and Michel de Montaigne.

No idea who that last person is. Perhaps he should have gone with Noel Coward. Regardless, you can see by his tastes why he’s a confrere.

You might very well still be in your polka-dot dressing gown at this moment. In which case, pour another cup of tea and head over here for the full dispatch.

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2 Responses to “Well Dressed Around The Clock”

  1. principe Says:

    Montaigne is an 18th century essayst who retired from the Court to a tower on his rural estate. His quotations I have favoured all my adult life are: “We laugh at that which we fear the most” and ” Marriage is a relationship in which there is one master, one mistress and two slaves.”

  2. Chenners Says:

    We were in jest of course. He was a wise man indeed, especially on marriage.

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