Dandy Denim, Or Jeans For Oscar Wilde

levis burntwood

In our last post we expressed our recent surprise upon spying a noted denizen of Dandyland sporting jeans.

It got us to wondering what the Platonic ideal of denim for dandies might look like.

Our train of thought immediately departed to San Francisco and the year 1853, when Levi Strauss went into business making blue jeans, which soon became the favored trouser for gold miners.

We next thought of Oscar Wilde’s 1882 trip to America, including his visit with miners in Colorado and subsequent arrival in San Francisco.

It then became perfectly clear to us that were Oscar Wilde to have shopped for Levi’s, he would most certainly have chosen the color called burntwood (rendered above in the 508 model, which features a regular cut through the seat and thigh and a tapered leg).

Though it appears dark brown from a distance, burntwood is actually a dark eggplant color, and thus the perfect complement to Oscar’s purple prose.


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One Response to “Dandy Denim, Or Jeans For Oscar Wilde”

  1. ProustFan Says:

    Oscar Wilde in jeans…I can see the next Levi’s commercial already.

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