The Apartment: Chenners On 1A Kensington Palace For RL

NPG x15116; Lord Snowdon by Roger George Clark

Prince William’s new digs at Kensington Palace, Apartment 1A, were last inhabited by Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon. On assignment for Ralph Lauren Magazine, founder Christian Chensvold looks at their turbulent marriage.

Snowdon is pictured above in a portrait by Roger George Clark that hangs in the National Gallery.

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2 Responses to “The Apartment: Chenners On 1A Kensington Palace For RL”

  1. principe Says:

    His Lordship also particularly likes wearing cavalry twill trousers as do many of his class. Like most English clothing of its type it is extremely practical and long wearing.My last pair gave me twenty years. Hint: the best have leather piping on the front pockets.

  2. Roger George Clark Says:

    Glad you like my picture of Lord Snowdon. But a small correction. It’s not in the National Gallery. You can find it next door in the National Portrait Gallery Collection! Please correct. Kind regards Roger George Clark.

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