Farewell To The Sophistocrat: Michael Mattis, 1964-2014


Michael Mattis, who has been a part of Dandyism.net since its very beginning in 2004, died suddenly this weekend in his sleep. He was 49 years old.

He first met Dandyism.net founder Christian Chensvold 20 years ago when he wrote a piece on dandies for his college literary magazine, and Chensvold contacted him in light of the mutual interest.

Tributes are currently going up on Dandyism.net’s Facebook page, as well as Michael’s own. Our own Nick Willard had this to say when he heard the news:

Words fail to express my shock & sorrow.  We just exchanged e-mails this week, catching up with each other.  He shared how he was head over heels over his new woman & how much he loved her.  It seemed that he was at the dawn of the next stage of his life, not at the sunset.

Though he had little tolerance for foolishness, Michael was a raconteur and bon vivant by temperament who above all enjoyed meeting interesting people and swapping stories with them. He has written some of the most insightful pieces for Dandyism.net, under the fitting column heading “The Sophistocrat,” which can be accessed in the menu column at right.

He’s captured above in a photo by Rose Callahan.

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8 Responses to “Farewell To The Sophistocrat: Michael Mattis, 1964-2014”

  1. Ghurron Briscoe Says:

    Rest in peace, dandy Michael Mattis! Ghurron Briscoe

  2. Ghurron Briscoe Says:

    Hi Dandyism, It’s ghurron briscoe’ our successful late dandy Michael Mattis passed in his sleep with his divine senorita; New York City amigo’!

  3. Dorothy Gaffney Says:

    I am deeply saddened at this news. The world of dandyism has lost a great exponent. Michael had the true joie de vivre of the dandy, one that extended beyond mere sartorial inquiry. He proved that such beings are not extinct. Rest in peace, Michael.

  4. Art Says:

    That is very sad news indeed. Thanks to Michael for his contributions.

  5. Mariangela Urquizo Says:

    I have finally gotten to where I can say thank you for this little blurb on Michael, as the woman he was head over heels over, whenever I feel down I do look to this article and other notes he left me. If only temporarily to not feel sadness but happiness at how happy he was before his passing. It’s clear on his last week he was over the moon with joy. If it was his time, at least he went well and very happy and loved.

  6. ProfMoriarty Says:

    Please delete the comment posted on October 30; it’s slanderous.

  7. Vlad D Says:


    Give me a way to get in contact with you, my linkage to you was in the post box here which is now lost. Links will be severed over time if proactive measures are not taken.

    Please write my spam email at Vdavidzon123 at hotmail dot com with your contact emails and phone #s and we shall be in touch in the future that way.


  8. ProfMoriarty Says:


    Will do tonight.


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