A Really Well Made Buttonhole

Silver Pink top A4

In one of Oscar Wilde’s paradoxical quips, he avers that a really well made buttonhole is the only link between art and nature.

He was right about most things, and we suspect that he — along with all the other decadent dandies — would approve of the new London-based startup Boutonniere, which handcrafts flowers for your lapel made of porcelain and either silver or polished stainless steel. For why let nature have the last word on floral accessories, when man’s artistic vision is so clearly superior? (more…)

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Birds Of A Feather


Fop together. Via For complete photo shoot, head here.

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Dandy Denim, Or Jeans For Oscar Wilde

levis burntwood

In our last post we expressed our recent surprise upon spying a noted denizen of Dandyland sporting jeans.

It got us to wondering what the Platonic ideal of denim for dandies might look like.

Our train of thought immediately departed to San Francisco and the year 1853, when Levi Strauss went into business making blue jeans, which soon became the favored trouser for gold miners.

We next thought of Oscar Wilde’s 1882 trip to America, including his visit with miners in Colorado and subsequent arrival in San Francisco.

It then became perfectly clear to us that were Oscar Wilde to have shopped for Levi’s, he would most certainly have chosen the color called burntwood (rendered above in the 508 model, which features a regular cut through the seat and thigh and a tapered leg).

Though it appears dark brown from a distance, burntwood is actually a dark eggplant color, and thus the perfect complement to Oscar’s purple prose.


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Well Dressed Around The Clock


Mansel Fletcher, one of our loyal readers, posted a piece at Mr. Porter today on pajamas and how to “carry them off.” Personally we prefer having them taken off.

If that doesn’t sound very exciting, know in Fletcher’s meditation on dressing elegantly at all times, he manages to work in references to “Downton Abbey,” “Brideshead Revisited,” PG Wodehouse, and Michel de Montaigne.

No idea who that last person is. Perhaps he should have gone with Noel Coward. Regardless, you can see by his tastes why he’s a confrere.

You might very well still be in your polka-dot dressing gown at this moment. In which case, pour another cup of tea and head over here for the full dispatch.

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High & Sly: Thomas Pink Spring 2014 Presentation


Yesterday attended Thomas Pink‘s Spring 2014 presentation, which was held in the “Magic Room” of the LMVH Tower here in New York.

What’s so magic about this particular chamber? The panoramic view of Manhattan, which the brand’s sly mascot was taking in through his monocle in the protective bubble-cum-prison of his aristocratic aloofness. (more…)

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Velvet Treatment: Crombie Launches MTM Coat Program


This month Crombie has launched a made-to-measure program for overcoats. There are 50 cloths, 1o linings, and, most important, 12 velvet collars to choose from.

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