The Importance Of Saying Earnest

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Nothing is more important to than being earnest. Why just last week Old Willard was standing outside Bergdorf’s quietly mocking the attire of arriving “I Am Dandy” party guests, when Chenners, dandyish aura radiating, as always, from his socks, came strolling down the sidewalk.

“Shall we?” he said.

“Wasn’t invited,” Willard replied.

“I’d forgotten. I’m sure you won’t be missing much. Well, good evening.”

“Good evening.”

Chenners went through the revolving doors but revolved right back out. “Say Nick,” he said, “I need to ask you something.”

“I’m sure the drinks are free,” Willard responded, “and the three-percents haven’t been good to me lately.”

“No, listen: I’m conducting a poll. Tell me the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the word ‘dandy.'”

Without hesitation, Willard blurted out, “Earnest.”

It was a characteristic response from the man who is the very lifeblood of After all, our motto, which is located right below our logo (though difficult to see as it’s white on white) is “Earnesty Is The Best Policy.”

And earnestness goes both ways. We cannot help but notice the sincerity in reader comments regarding our pronouncements, for example, on who is and who is not a dandy, or our selection of “Dandy Of The Year.” It’s so refreshing to log onto the Internet and not have to deal with irony.

We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know we pledge to maintain the special relationship we’ve cultivated with our readers. Avanti.

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Clothes Make The Man


Some men make sure their clothes never draw attention away from their face. The dandy approach is to make sure your face never draws attention away from your clothes.

Illustration by George Stavrinos, from an exhibition currently running at the Society of Illustrators in New York. 

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Ja Oder Nein: The Dandy Quiz Auf Deutsch


Without a doubt the most notorious post in our nine-year history is the “How Dandy Are You?” quiz. It’s probably due for a revision, but in the meantime it continues to travel the globe, today appearing in German.

Manager Magazine, a leading economics periodical owned by the SPIEGEL group, has translated 15 questions from the quiz as part of its coverage of Callahan & Adams’ “I Am Dandy.”

Last week the magazine’s website ran its main feature, which boasted the headline “Between Geek And Gentleman” alongside a photo of Doran Wittelsbach.

An accompanying slideshow, for those who don’t have the book, ran here. (Incidentally, the current Vegas odds of any media outlet opting to run the shot of a boring, sweater-clad Chenners? 6,000 to 1)

Then today the site presented 15 questions from our dandy quiz. It actually functions as a proper online quiz should, with points tallied at the end. And the stock images used to illustrate each question are quite hilarious.

Rather like our image above.

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Inanimate Repose


Dandier than your average mannequin. Sort of a cross between Marcel and Natty.

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A Pose By Any Other Name


Attending an event in celebration of dandyism produces certain anxieties. One frets for weeks about what to wear, then spends six hours getting dressed.

But the real anguish, in this age of social media, comes when the photographer prowling the event points his camera, and one is expected to convey the proper dandy attitude.

These photos, taken by Piers Cunliffe for the Paris book-signing party for Callahan & Adams’ “I Am Dandy,” form a handy how-to guide for any aspiring dandy looking to make a name for himself (or a spectacle of himself) on the Internet.

To help you remember them, we’ve given these acceptable dandy poses convenient names. We also recommend trying them out at home with self-portraits until you find the one that suits you best.

We begin with the bejeweled sitter above, who is executing the pose known as the “Encrusted Tortoise.” (more…)

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Cool As Ice

ice bucket

Just released, Ralph Lauren’s top hat ice bucket.

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