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Like the dandy, aims to be effortlessly elegant, caustically witty, coldly superior and dryly amusing. Its editorial policy is caprice. It turns its diabolical monocle on the past and present to dispassionately decree who’s a dandy and who’s not, who is innovative and who is eccentric, who is classic and who is bland, who is dashing and who is ostentatious, who sets styles and who is a slave to fashion.

As a result, readers have called the site “infuriatingly snooty,” “fusty, philistine claptrap,” “vitriolic, caustic and without humor,” “cocksure,” and “rather pathetic.” has received international press, including profiles in L’Uomo Vogue, LA Weekly, Modern Luxury’s The Men’s Book, Vancouver’s The Georgia Straight, Stockholm’s Dagens PS, and has been mentioned in various other books and scholarly works. Through it all remains true to its name: it fascinates, infuriates, puzzles, and above all entertains.

chensvioThe site was founded in June, 2004 by Christian Chensvold as part of his miniature online empire known as Stickpin Media (his other current property is, and he founded and later divested A freelance writer presently based in New York, Chensvold’s work has appeared in L’Uomo Vogue, Robb Report, The San Francisco Chronicle,,, and many other publications, and he is a contributing editor at The Rake. His leisure pursuits are or have been fencing, badminton, golf, tennis, table tennis, swing and ballroom dancing, piano, and surfing.

“The Sophistocrat” columnist Michael Mattis lives his values — fortunately these are few. In fact, if he can be said to revere anything at all it would be, as with the dedicated Episcopal churchgoer, a really well cut navy blazer. In addition, Mattis values a good glass of claret, a dry martini, and an evening of light and convivial conversation. He has written for Business 2.0, The San Francisco Examiner and a host of other publications, most of which have gone under. He has also held the titles “content strategist” (whatever that is), ranch hand and cabaret host.

With a professional background in the visual and performing arts, Robert Sacheli brings a raffish bohemianism to his role as Dandyism’s “Passionate Spectator” columnist. His onstage experience makes him the only member of the Junta to have actually worn a codpiece, cravat and Regency sideburns, although not simultaneously. A designer and editor, he also serves as a judge for Washington’s Helen Hayes Awards and is a founding staff member and board member of the Washington, DC International Film Festival. He is fond of collecting 19th-century art, travel, fine dining and cigars, and being called “raffish.”

Sean C. Hall is a recent forum member, now a jumped up contributor and low level junta member. He is a lover of travel, food, wine, history, literature, art, theater, and at present sits on the board of a history museum and an art museum. If he was not busy enough he also owns several businesses and spends as much of his free time as possible traveling across Europe in search of antiques, or grand hotels where the beaux mondes play. He is one of those old souls who lives to walk ancient battlefields, or in the halls of some ancient chateau. A lover of history and a lover of life who hopes he can add some color to the pages of

Stewart Gibson is fortunate enough to reside in that historical and sartorial epicentre of dandyism, the metropolis of London. His familiarity with the environs of Savile Row and Jermyn Street naturally provides him with many advantages, though apparently none that could easily be discerned from his appearance. A sometime journalist and editor, he finds plenty of idle time in which to indulge in cyberspace flânerie in search of items that may inform or amuse. He is thus ideally placed to source some of the more ephemeral items that may be of interest to followers of, though naturally his primary criterion for selection is that they are of interest to himself.

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