Idle Talk

To improve the site, keeps track of reader feedback. Here’s a sampling:

“The most elitist and self-important review ever to grace the world of media.”

“A yawning black hole of thought”

“Infuriatingly snooty”

“Fusty, philistine claptrap”

“Off-putting, bitchy atmosphere”

“Tediously boring”


“Vitriolic, caustic and without humor”

“Sophomoric clique”

“Jealousy and desperation”

“Weak sense of self”



“Rather pathetic”

“Curmudgeonly rascals”

“Tiresome harpies”



“Very insecure people”

“People can smell a phony”

“Bitter, petty, uptight and irrelevant”

“Hides in the shadows of frivolity”

“Bordering on the libelous”

“Freaks me out”

“Pale attempt to establish authority”

“Charmless, entitled jerks”

“Uninformed, opinionated geeks”

“Preening, pretentious prigs”

“Unthinking cretins”

“All suit, no class”

“Snobbery and one-upsmanship”

“The politics of exclusion”


“Petty childishness”

“Little imagination or personal style”

“Lack of intellectual interest”


“A predictable cliché”

“Doesn’t amount to much”

“Someone could clearly do better”

“The problem might be cognitive”

“Rather tiresome and far too concerned with some vague aesthetic philosophy to be engaging or enjoyable”

“Hardly the stuff of a suitable male archetype”

“Slightly creepy”

“Leave it to to cock it up again.”

“Borders on the pontifical”

“Subjective standards and [a] hunting-pack mentality”

“Their snobbery is entirely off-putting and self-defeating”

“Ruled with subjectivity, inflexibility and defensiveness”


“Self aggrandizing and pretentious”

“Embodies the saying, ‘The mother of idiots is always pregnant.'”


“Timid chatterers”

“Retrograde fashion drones”

“Sad preppie conformity”

“Chensie’s laughably telling sycophancy of the rich”

“The mafia of virtual dandyism”

“What real dandy would even read this drivel without vomiting?”

“Arch and dyspeptic”

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